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You don't think penguins Meetup too?

Team Ayoopa is made up of travelers and adventurers just like you and your Meetup. As a matter of fact, we belong to several Meetups ourselves. We know that many members of travel and outdoor Meetups may be trying things for the first time or need some assistance for their next trip or activity. So we're here to help!

We only sponsor travel and outdoor groups

Don't you hate when you get bombarded with sponsorship requests that just aren't relevant? Yeah we thought so. Since we only work with travel and outdoor groups, we know what you're looking for in potential partners.

Your Community

Although some of our best friends are penguins, we're real people. We like to work with you and your community. So invite us out to speak to your group and see how we can help or to just have fun at your next outing!

Our Mission

Our goal is to make travel and the outdoors accessible to everyone. We remove the high costs (and therefore, the excuses) that prevent you from living life to the fullest by providing a simple tool to book all of your travel and outdoor gear rental needs. Adventure is calling so get off the couch and answer!

What we're about?

Do you have a few adventures coming up? Anyone heading to the slopes for first time skiing? How about a first time camping trip? Better yet, who wants to try paddleboarding? Or are you a family traveling with little ones? We can make it easy and convenient for you and your members to get out there through the use of rental gear for your next trip or adventure.

MEETUPS we sponsor today

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We can offset the cost of a one-time Meetup or provide money for other activities. Just tell us your goals and we'll do what we can to help.

Community Assistance

Looking for a new Meetup location? Need help with a local group for activities? We're plugged in and have a network of community leaders to pave the way for your idea.

Get Perks and Discounts

The best part is we provide perks and discounts on our wide assortment of rental gear. We'll even provide special discount codes to your members.