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Renting a snowboard saves big money while still having big fun!

Tired of the two-ski approach to shredding your favorite mountain? More and more skiers, as well as adventure seekers that don’t have as much experience in the snow, are turning to snowboarding to get their wintertime thrills. Imagine the wind in your face, your feet in the air…ok, maybe you aren’t Shaun White and they aren’t supposed to be in the air, but even if you take some spills, you are guaranteed to have a great time snowboarding. The true excitement and the thrilling adrenaline rush a snowboarder feels on the slopes are unmatchable. So, are you ready to go? If your answer is a resounding “YES!” don’t rush off to buy a snowboard just yet. A snowboard rental is the perfect way to dip your toe in to this new activity before you drop $300 - $800 on snowboarding gear that you may only use once a year. Even if you have a mountain in your backyard, it’s always great to try out equipment before you take the plunge and buy one of your own. Keep reading to learn more about how a rental of both the board and the snow gear can save you some serious dough!

A snowboard rental saves you money for hot chocolate (or, for the grownups, hot toddys)!

It's easy to understand how a snowboard rental saves you money. Renting snowboard equipment costs you only a fraction of the original price of the gear, usually 10% per day of the actual cost of a snowboard. This means that rather than paying $300, you can pay $30 to use a board that you don’t have to maintain, store or pay baggage fees to transport! Pay per use is the name of the game! We work with rental companies that deliver directly to your hotel or accommodation at no extra charge.

You can get with this, or you can get with that!

A snowboard rental also allows you to have the best snowboard brands from a range of selections at a lower price. Try different models and brands for a new experience. You can always request a specific type of snowboard for each adventure. We work with rental companies that carry the best of the best. A few of the most preferred snowboard brands in the world include Burton, K2, Ride, Lib Tech, Gnu and Rossignol. These are a few of the most recognized brands for high quality snowboard gear.

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