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Ayoopa has the gear covered for your winter ski vacation!

If you are planning to hit the mountains this winter, you already know that a ski-centric vacation can be expensive. The cost of the skis, shoes, poles and clothing can add up to more than $800. On top of that, you get welcomed to the airport by some steep baggage fees to transport all of those items to your destination. Whether you look like a baby deer stepping out onto the ice for the first time or are ready to plummet down the triple black diamonds, a ski rental will save you big money on the slopes!

Keep reading to learn more about how a rental of both the skis and the snow gear can keep your wallet full during your trip.

Ski rentals keep your baggage light and your wallet full!

Renting ski equipment costs you only a fraction of the original price of the gear, saving you up to 75% on the total cost of these items. Rather than shelling out $800+ for equipment, you can rent skis, clothing and all of the accessories for around $200 for 3 days. Additionally, rentals from Ayoopa will provide the convenience of these items being delivered right to your hotel or condo at no extra charge.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…which skis should I get to play in the snow?

Ski rentals not only save you money on traveling, but also allow you to test out a variety of different brands and ski styles to determine the equipment that is the best fit for you and your abilities on the mountain. Test out the wider skis developed for beginners working on their snowplow or the thinner, sport skis designed for more experienced mountain goers. Ayoopa allows you to reserve high quality, brand name items from our trusted partners for the lowest possible price. Don’t buy gear that will collect dust in your garage, be outgrown by your family within a short period of time or go out of style. Rentals are a skier’s best friend!

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