SUP Paddleboard Rental
  • SUP Paddleboard Rental

SUP Paddleboard Rental

"There's nothing like trying a new SUP on a new waterway on your next vacay."-Ayoopa Gear Concierge

Some locations can rent SUPs for as low as $20 for a whole day

Because paddleboarding is a relatively new activity, most rental gear is new. Most board rentals come with a leash and a paddle. If you are renting for multiple days and plan to travel to different waterways, ask us about a car rack to transport your SUP rental. Lessons are not always necessary, but are also dependent on what type of water you're in. Top SUP destinations tend to be along the coast, but there are many inland locations with great river and lake paddleboarding throughout the U.S..

Brand Description:
Advanced Elements, Bark, Earth, Focus SUP, NRS, Tower

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