Why We Offer Text Reservations to Rent Ski Gear

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In one of our biggest announcements this ski season, we’re stoked to share news that you can now make gear reservations with a text, only on Ayoopa. One of our goals is to take the stress out of ski trip planning. We also believe its our duty to reduce the time it takes to plan ski trips and other adventure travel. Today you can rent skis or snowboards with just a simple text message.

Imagine you’re on Expedia, TripAdvisor or even Momondo (one of our new fave trip planning sites) booking your trip to Mammoth Mountain. You’ve got your airfare booked, Airbnb reserved and even scheduled your Uber. You know you need ski rentals and since this is your first trip, most people tell you just go to the local ski shop on the mountain.

But wait. How do you know they’ll have your size? The last thing you want is to spend half a day on the slopes in uncomfortable skis. How do you know you’re getting the best value? Most people don’t know that ski prices can vary greatly from shop to shop or that some locations will even outfit you in your accommodation. And lastly, how do you know you’re getting quality skis? Sure it’s your first time and you may not be familiar with the top brands. But you also don’t want to be stuck with whatever is left over.

rent skis
Rent skis and snowboards with a text

95% of ski rental shops don’t offer reservations by text. Yet more and more people like to communicate and transact this way. The growing number of first time skiers would prefer to use SMS and text vs. email and phone calls for trip and adventure planning. We want to engage with our customers how they want to be engaged. Ayoopa is committed to making all your first time ski adventures easy. We hope you love this new feature as much as we do and you can always email us at concierge@ayoopa.com to provide feedback.

Our mission is to save you tons of time and angst in what should be a quick decision but sometimes an overlooked decision when renting gear on the slopes. With our “Text to Reserve” feature our goal is to ensure you have top quality ski rentals at the best value so you won’t be wondering if you got the best deal. It’s fast and an easy to use feature that doesn’t cost you anything extra. You simply text us at (917) 746-8391 and our Concierge Team will respond. Learn more about our new texting service!

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