How to Hack your First Snowboarding Trip

How to Hack your First Snowboarding Trip

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Between airfare, hotel or vacation rentals, and gear rentals, the cost for a snowboarding trip can start to add up quickly. We asked some snowboarding vacation pros for to provide their best advice on how to hack your first snowboarding trip. Here are the tips they had to offer!



Jen, The Snow Chasers blog


  • Save money with season passes! If you are planning on being in one place for more than a week, it’s worth checking out season pass prices. We purchased a season pass for our last snowboarding trip and it paid for itself in 5 days!
Image by The Snow Chasers blog - first snowboarding trip
Image by The Snow Chasers Blog
  • If you are taking your own snowboard [or even renting], invest in a good quality one that has wheels. Snowboard bags are awkward and heavy. Wheels make life so much easier.
Image by The Snow Chasers Blog - first time snowboarding
Image by The Snow Chasers Blog
  • If you’re a newbie, take lessons (not from your friends either)! Snowboarding takes a while to pick up and getting your technique right in the beginning is very important.
  • If you are heading to high altitude, give yourself an extra day to climatize. Your body will thank you for it!



Chanel Sargiiee, check out her Instagram here 


  • Travel Planning
    • Snowboarding can be an expensive hobby and your first trip is no exception to that, but changing your terrain can be a pretty fun experience. Depending where you are and where you’re traveling to determines whether or not you will be flying or driving. If you are more frugal with your money and live in an area where mountains are within driving distance, then taking your own vehicle will definitely save you the price you would pay with an airline and car rental.
    • If there are no mountains that catch your eye within driving distance, you’ll need to fly. You’ll obviously have to book a flight. Airlines (usually) charge you money for checking in oversized items, although there are some that don’t. Another option is to ship your gear there, but that tends to be more expensive than going with an airline and checking it in. [If you don’t own gear, renting snowboarding gear and clothes can save you the cost of purchasing it, baggage fees and hassle of lugging these items.]
    • One thing I’d suggest is lookup the weather before hand and pack accordingly. If you do this, you should be golden!
Image by Mirae Campbell - first time snowboarding
Image by Mirae Campbell
  • Where to Stay
    • Deciding where to stay can be difficult, hostels are always a good option and if you’re going solo you will most likely meet some pals to go shred with.
    • If you’re going with friends renting a small condo or house (AirBnb is a great option) and splitting the costs or even getting a hotel room.
    • Once you decide where to stay, be sure to check to see if there is a shuttle that can take you to / from the airport. This will save the daily rental car price and parking!
Snowboarding hacks from Chanel - photo by Mirae Campbell
Image by Mirae Campbell
  • Purchasing Lift Tickets
    • Some resorts raise the prices during peak times (Christmas, New Years) so do some research on when peak times are at the resorts and try to avoid those dates.
    • Most resorts have a few option for passes, depending on the length of your trip be sure to get a pass that gives you the most days on the slope for the cheapest price.

Have fun, stay stoked out and don’t miss out on après! You’ll always remember your first snowboarding trip and you’ll also learn a lot for future ones!

Thanks, Jen & Chanel for sharing your tips for first snowboarding trip experiences! Be sure to check out their sites and comment down below with your top tips for a new snowboarder or your questions for our experts!

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