Make Your First Time Camping Memorable

What memories will you make your first time camping?

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In today’s world where speed is everything and no one has enough time, we all have set our routines to follow. We wake up, check our phones and get to the daily routine of working, staying connected and hustling to make a living. We always try to find a little time in between the things we have to do for the things we actually want to do. But things slow down on your first camping trip. It provides you a chance to give your daily, hectic routine a break by putting all your usual gadgets and work away. It gives you the opportunity to breath fresh air, try new things and reset your mind away from the worries of work or the next season of “Game of Thrones.” But what to do with all that now free time when in the wilderness?

When you are ready to put the comfort of your body aside for the comfort of your inner self and plan a camping trip, the first thing you must consider after pitching your tent for the night is hiking. Most of the campers never move far from the parking of the camp site and thus miss the real beauty of the location, because the real exquisiteness of the site and the best views are usually located a bit further down the track. Hiking can also burn the extra calories you might consume around the campfire later! On some tracks you can also take your mountain bike to extend your sightseeing in less time and you can also make some good videos with a helmet camera like a GoPro.

Bring your bike your first time camping

There will be times during your trip when all you want is to relax your mind. In such moments do not restrict the child inside you from coming out. Jump in the water, play hide and seek, scavenger hunt, have a water fight or make photos. Take out some friendly competitions like who can jump up some tree or who can catch fish to eat at the dinner and provide the winner with some immunity from the work in the camp.

Avoid taking ready-made food on a camping trip if you have even a small know how about cooking. Let your skills come out, cook your own food in open air and taste the deliciousness of the nature around the campfire while telling stories to each other.

The campfire is the best part of your first camping trip

Collect beautiful insects in a jar or collect the flora of the place. If you have a metal detector laying around your home, you can also put it to use on this trip. Who knows that you may find a treasure buried long ago. At night you can play cards or board games or just observe the stars and sleep underneath them.

Some people do not go on camping trips as they are afraid of getting bored. They think they will be out of their comfort zone, but a camping trip if planned properly can give you a lifetime experience, the stories of which you would be telling to your children and grandchildren. You will also have plenty of beautiful pictures to share on Instagram or Facebook once you reconnect with the world! But beware, nature is addicting so you might decide to never come back!

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    I like that you suggest to cook your own food in the open air. I always like to have back-up food, but I try to not use it. Instead, I like to try to survive off the land for as long as I can. I usually end up camping in an area with a lot of fish available to catch. They usually end up tasting really good too.

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