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Camping in Dreamville

Tomorrow World.  A magical place buried in the rolling hills of Chattahoochee in Atlanta, Georgia. Every year, over 30,000 people participate in Dreamville, a place where ravers will camp together for 5 days. With headliners like Excision, Hardwell, Tiesto, and Flux Pavilion, this is a festival you don’t want to miss out on! To get a little bit of insight on what is in store for us, I went on a hunt for a past festival attendee. This is what our veteran, Lucas F., had to say about his first time camping at our most beloved festival!

  1. What is your favorite festival?My favorite festival is TomorrowWorld because it’s a camping festival and it’s a 21+ festival, meaning the young ones can’t get in!
  2. Who are you most excited to see?Steve Angello, Benny Benassi, Adventure Club, Bingo Players, Laidback Luke, Martin Garrix, and so many more!
  3. What are you most excited about at this festival?
    The stage setups are very artistic and it’s always cool to see their new ideas. I really like how they have so many stages to cover all the genres of electronic music. Everyone gets a piece of what they want.
  4. What’s the coolest aspect of this festival? The camping is the coolest part of TomorrowWorld because you get a chance to meet so many awesome people.
  5. If you can give two pieces of advice to festival newbies, what would they be? Don’t try to pack too much, because you probably won’t end up needing most of it. It can also be a far walk from your car to your tent area, so things can get very heavy, very quickly. Also, detach yourself from your phone, let go and enjoy your vacation. I promise you’ll have more fun without your phone.IMG_1259
  6. Are you going to/have you camped here before? Why/why not did you choose to do so? Yes, I did TomorrowWorld camping in Dreamville last year. I chose to camp there because it’s close to all the amenities and you get to be in the heart of everything!
  7. How are the campgrounds/facilities/bathrooms/showers? It depends how early you get there, if you’re late, you’ll end up camping near the parking lot. Try to come early on Thursday or Friday morning to pick out a good spot. The differences in comfort for bathrooms and showers depended on how deep your pockets were. If you got VIP, you got air conditioned bathrooms. If you were cheap like me, you could wait in line for the porta potties that came with a very interesting scent – free of charge… or you could find a nearby tree. Showers? Well, they’re a hit or miss, sometimes. You have to pay about $5 to shower each time. Sometimes, they run out of hot water, so try to go in the early mornings. The lines get pretty long during the day too. As for me, I used my handy dandy baby wipes – no line, and practically free!
  8. What charging options are available for electronics?There are some charging stations around, but they’re usually packed. You should bring your own power banks/external batteries. Solar panels are great alternatives too! I rented mine from Ayoopa – super inexpensive!
  9. Are there assigned camp spots? How do people end up in their spots? No, it’s just one general area. First come, first serve.
  10. What kind of food is available? They had a lot of food there and for the most of it tasted pretty good. If you’re a vegetarian don’t worry about dying of hunger, they have you covered.IMG_1263
  11. Favorite personal camping experience/story here?
    This was the first festival I ever went to, and I had no one to go with; so I decided to drive, and camp there with a group of strangers I met the day before the festival . These people ended up becoming good friends of mine that I hang out with all the time now.
  12. If you could only bring three things to this camping trip, what would they be?  1) Tent  2) American Flag sunglasses 3) Lunchables, ever been really hungry but really broke?
  13. Why should someone camp instead of getting a hotel room? You can’t experience the real deal if you’re chilling at your hotel.
  14. Any camping advice you’d like to give? Try to borrow or rent basic necessities, instead of purchasing. Also, meet as many people as you can!


Thank you, Lucas for sharing your camping experience with us! Looking for tips on what to pack for your festival camping trip? Check out the suggested packing list on our  Sasquatch festival post!

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