Rent Ski Gear and save over $600!

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So, you want to take your first ski trip this winter, but does your lack of experience make you think you will look a little like this guy when you hit the slopes? Maybe you are taking the family skiing, but you have kids that you know will outgrow those expensive ski clothes and equipment by the time you will be in the mountains again next year or a few years from now. Skiing, while a great vacation, can be a money pit. I have always enjoyed going, but it is not a vacation we take on a regular basis. I have ski clothes taking up space in my closet that haven’t been used in years and I am sure the next time we go, it will already be time for a style update. If you are planning a trip this winter for your first time skiing or your thousandth time on the slopes, rent ski gear for the entire family and save that extra cash to put towards more adventures on the mountain! In fact, Ayoopa can save you up to 75%! Here is how it breaks down:

Ski Trip table






If you are skiing or snowboarding this winter, use Ayoopa to find, compare and reserve your ski, snowboard and ski clothes rental. Here are just a few of the cities that we service:

There are plenty of other ways to save as well. Traveling with your kids? Let us help you book baby equipment rentals such as strollers, highchairs, car seats and pack n’ plays at your destination. Looking for luggage to take with you? We have that covered as well!

Vacations don’t have to break the bank. Let Ayoopa help you save money each time you travel!

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