So, I’m Planning My First Snowboard Trip…Where Do I Start?

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If you’re like 75% of the U.S. population, you’re not that close to a major ski destination. So it’s only fitting that you haven’t hit the slopes before or you don’t get the chance to go that often therefore, I’ve saved you some time for when your first snowboard trip is planned. The perception used to be that skiing was this elite class thing. Not so much any more and if done the right way can be quite affordable whether it’s a once in a lifetime trip, every blue moon or a seasonal thing for you.

I have this bucket list with like a gazillion and one things on it and this is one of them. If I never go again, I’m cool with that, but I have to try things at least once. We’re heading to Park City, Utah for my first snowboard trip. The flight was relatively inexpensive. I booked on Frontier Airlines, which I’ve never flown before and weird how they charge you for your seat and so much for baggage, but that’s another post for another day.

Beginner snowboarder takes a dive
You will fall, but you will remember the adventure!

I like to solicit advice from those who have had the experience, so I asked a few friends and family members who have been either skiing or snowboarding before and this is what they said:

  • Get your exercise on BEFORE you go – They say I’ll use muscles that have been on vacation for several months now…or perhaps years. I’m getting my exercise now because I don’t want to be sore later. Which, by the way, more than a few people said to have the pain reliever ready.
  • Take lessons and more lessons and more lessons. Oh and did I mention to take lessons. Look, you are going to probably do face plants regardless, so at least be prepared on how best to face plant, lol! Oh and focus on lessons with your age group for your first snowboard trip. If you’re and adult, you don’t want to get caught with the 10 year olds who pick it up in like 10 minutes and you’re still struggling with S turns.
  • Rent gear – You can view this is as a shameless plug for Ayoopa, but no really. I talked to some unbiased friends who have gone skiing and snowboarding before we started Ayoopa and they all said unless you live close to the mountains, the best way to go is a snowboard rental. They just wish it was always that easy or they were informed on the best way to do so. We now partner with the largest ski rental delivery that services the Western U.S. ski destinations. You’ll hear the number a bunch, but you’ll save about 85% of your money by renting and with delivery to your accommodations it’s 85% more convenient than any other way to get your skis. Of course you’ll save on baggage fees as well. Use Ayoopa to compare your rental options in one easy to use search for any US ski destination such as:
  • Plan for lift tickets in advance – We used Liftopia, where we got about an 85% savings on lift tickets.
  • Rent ski clothes too! – If you live in a southern state, you’ll probably use ski clothing less times than a little bit. Our motto is not only save money, but save closet space. The awesome thing is that compared to even 10 years ago, most ski clothing rental companies now have different styles and colors. You won’t have to worry about looking the same on the bunny slopes. Check out the options available for these ski destinations:
  • What do all the ski slope colors mean???? – Just remember the color green. It will be your BFF, if forever is the entire weekend you are on the slopes.
  • Spend at least one day at the lodge or your resort enjoying your fave wintertime alcoholic beverage…preferably in the hot tub!

My thought process is I have to be a better snowboarder than skier. I was a pretty badass skateboarder in my day but skating, not so much. The only time I’ve ever broken a bone was skating. This has to mean I’ll be a much better snowboarder than skier. Right? I’ll do a follow up article telling you how my trip was. E-mail me and let me know what you are planning for your first skiing or snowboarding trip or if you have questions at Would love to hear what you are thinking.

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  3. I would love to go snowboarding with my family. It’s something that we’ve all wanted to do! I’ll make sure that I rent some snowboards for us to use!

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