3 Simple Steps to Travel for less with the Gear Rental Concierge

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You are planning a trip or an outdoor adventure and, being the savvy person that you are, you know that renting is the best way for you to save your precious dollars and avoid adding more underutilized equipment to that closet overflowing in the hallway (I’m looking at you ski clothes that I haven’t worn in 6 years!).

Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on gear you only need for a few days when you could spend that money helping you have the adventure of a lifetime? Renting just makes sense and Ayoopa is the site to help you get the highest quality rental gear at the lowest prices. But, what if you need an item or location that is not currently listed on the Ayoopa marketplace? Whether you are hitting the water with your favorite four-legged friend, heading into the woods for a camping trip, or hitting the slopes with your friends or family for a ski trip, you’re in luck! Ayoopa’s gear concierge is here to help with all of your gear rental needs! We’ve made the gear rental process even easier by adding a team to help you find what you need, where you need it, at no additional charge! Keep reading to learn more!

Ayoopa's Gear Rental Concierge gives everyone the chance to have an adventure!
Ayoopa’s Gear Rental Concierge gives everyone the chance to have an adventure!

What is the Ayoopa Gear Rental Concierge Service?

Ayoopa’s gear concierge is a service that let’s you tell us exactly what you need for your next trip and adventure, and we go and find it for you at no additional charge! Simply tell us what you are looking for and where you need it and our gear seekers will locate the best rental package option for you.

How does it work?

Using our concierge service is easy! Simply…

1. Fill out the concierge request form and let us know what you are looking for. Make sure to include:

a. Where you would like the item to arrive to (e.g. hotel, airport, home)

b. Brand preferences (e.g. do you want the standard / least expensive option or would you rather spend a little more to try out a premium brand)

c. Any details you can provide that will help with sizing. For example, if you need a car seat, provide the baby’s weight and whether or not it should be rear facing. For a backpack, provide the storage capacity or the length of your trip so we can help you determine what you need, as well as your torso length for sizing.

2. A member of our team will contact you to gather any additional details required and then will find the best rental package available for you.

3. You will receive an email with the rental details. Once you approve and provide payment, your rental will be finalized and you’re ready for your adventure!

After your trip, please provide us with feedback on our service, the gear and your overall experience! We love hearing from you! Here’s what community members are already saying about our concierge service!

“There was a change in the weather for the weekend and needed to find a backpack in a hurry. Wayne from Ayoopa, could’nt have been more helpful and friendly! I normally don’t wait until the last minute to plan any backpacking trips but Wayne was able to make my day!”

– Brian

“I received the equipment on time. The gear worked out well. I was able to return everything in the same box and it was easy.”

– Erin

“I can not thank you enough. This has been quite painless and easy. I’m sure I will have lots of thumbs up for your company when we get back. Thanks again!”

– Jill

 Have you tried our concierge service? Tell us what you think @Ayoopa_inc!

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