NEWS RELEASE: Ayoopa Partners with Slope Supply to Offer Awesome Deals on Ski and Snowboard Gear

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It’s a good year to be a budget-conscious skier. Less than two weeks ago, TechCrunch ran an article on ski resort marketplace Liftopia, an e-commerce platform that has greatly expanded options for ski lift and resort discounts at more than 50 (soon to be 100) resorts.

And now, Ayoopa is doing its part, too.

Ayoopa and Slope Supply are happy to announce a new partnership that allows Ayoopa customers to take advantage of a deal on ski and snowboard supplies in preparation for the upcoming winter vacation season. The deal allows Ayoopa users to rent four essential items for four days for only $60.

The Slope Supply ski clothing rental kit includes:

  • a jacket
  • snow pants
  • gloves
  • and goggles

This assortment of clothing would cost users an estimated five hundred dollars to buy, and like with most winter gear, buying it outright requires you to store it away. While residents of, say, Vermont or Alaska, may have season-long use of a ski jacket, residents of cities in Texas or other warm climate areas have a few days a year (TOPS) that it would be useful to own that kind of heavy duty winter gear.Skiing in Finland

So rather than pay in anticipation of an anomaly, consider getting your snow gear from the Ayoopa-Slope Supply connection. We’ll make sure you have exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less, and keep your skiing budget lower than ever before. Ayoopa is always here to provide top rental options and promotes collaborative consumption in a way that best benefits the Ayoopa community and our world. We think that a price that comes out to about $15 per day in four day increments to stay warm is beneficial to those who may not stay in the cold any longer than that, and look forward to helping those who enjoy winter vacation save a few extra dollars for the others seasons.

Check out Slope Supply’s selection on our Aspen Ski Clothing RentalBreckenridge Ski Clothing RentalLake Tahoe Ski Clothing rentalPark City Ski Clothing RentalVail Ski Clothes Rental or any other US ski destination reservation page! You can even have them shipped to your house before traveling!

Thanks to Slope Supply for being our partner. Thanks to the collaborative consumption movement for helping the environment and putting a little money back in the pocket of the average person. And thanks to all of you for appreciating a good adventure.

(Image: Russavia, CC 2.0)

Ayoopa! Buy the adventure, not the gear.


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