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Go take a hike…and tell that expensive gear to do the same.

Whether you are exploring the trails near your hometown on a day hike or setting out for a multi-day adventure in an unknown wilderness, hiking is one of the best ways to sow your wild oats. You never know what you might encounter on the trail so being prepared is key and having the right backpack is the only way to ensure you have your bases covered. A high quality, well fitting backpack rental will enable you to easily and comfortably carry the essentials with you, while keeping you from breaking your back or your bank account!

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Whether you’re packing light or packing it all, a backpack rental will ensure you have the right gear for the lowest price!

A backpack rental from Ayoopa will save you up to 90% on the total cost of gear. We can save you hundreds of dollars while still ensuring you have a pack with the proper fit and specifications for whatever type of trip you have planned. You provide your measurements, desired pack size and type, and we will take care of the rest. Your backpack rental will be delivered right to your front door at home or at your vacation destination, with no hassles! We make renting easy and affordable!

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Are you already an avid hiker? Backpack rentals from Ayoopa will enable you to test out new gear before making the full investment in a new backpack. Rentals also make it easy for you to invite friends and family to join you on the trail without asking them to shell out $400 for a proper fitting pack! Ayoopa allows you to reserve high quality, brand name items from our trusted partners for the lowest possible price. Tell that expensive gear to go take a hike and rent for your next trip!

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