Let Us Find An Adventure For Your Un-Rented Gear

Let Ayoopa grow your rental business. Our platform provides one place for customers to find, compare, reserve and pay for rental gear online. Providing a single site for rental gear makes it easy for you to connect directly with potential customers and expand your marketing reach, while freeing time and money to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.


Un-Rented Gear Costs You Money

Integrating online and offline marketing is hard...we make it easy. Search engines are always changing the rules, making it difficult to stay on top of online marketing. Good news! It is our focus to stay on top of these trends so the right customers will see your items on our marketplace. Offline, we focus on building strategic distribution partnerships with travel and outdoor businesses and organizations to ensure travelers and adventurers have direct access to your rental equipment when and where they need it. You earn more money and are able to focus on providing a great experience to these customers to turn them into a lifelong supporter of your business! Do you ever ask yourself how much money are you leaving on the shelf each day?

How It Works

Setup is free and super easy, and there is no additional cost for support. We will walk you through the simple process for listing and managing your items on the site to ensure you are comfortable with using the tools available to you. You will have access to our free reservation system and will receive email notifications to ensure you stay up-to-date on the rentals that you receive through the Ayoopa platform. Payment is transferred to you immediately as reservations are made so there is no delay in receiving the revenue associated with your rentals. Ayoopa is paid based on commission for reservations completed so we do not make money unless you do! This provides a guarantee to our partners that we will stay focused on your best interests and in growing your business!

Custom Site Integration

You may already have an existing reservation system but would like a more seamless experience with less systems to manage. When you click get started below, be sure to ask us in the comments about how we can integrate with your existing reservation system or website.

Free To Sign-Up and Free To List

Ayoopa provides free sign-up and listings. The use of our tools including the online inventory rental management system is free as well. Because we don't use a one size fits all approach with our partners, we maintain the utmost flexibility in our pricing. Currently we provide 2 options in our Pay-For-Performance Marketing.

   Pay-Per-Click (PPC)


Either way, we're incentivized to work on your behalf. When you click Get Started below, we'll determine together what's the best option and pricing structure that matches your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive payment?

We work automatically with Paypal. So if you have a Paypal account, we just connect yours to ours. If you don't have a Paypal account, let us know when you sign up and we can make other arrangements.

What types of items can I list?

Our current focus is on providing the best experience possible for travelers and adventurers. There are 8 primary categories of items we list including: camping and hiking gear, water equipment that doesn't require a license to operate, snow gear, bicycles, luggage and cargo carriers, electronics, baby equipment and pet equipment. We're always looking to expand if the community is asking for it. Make sure to inquire about any item or category that is not represented to see if we can list it. You can also refer to our Terms and Conditions for items we will NOT list.

How much does Ayoopa cost?

Ayoopa doesn't charge to list items. We also maintain a very flexible pay-for-performance marketing model that is tailored to you and how your rental company works. Check out the "What Does it Cost?" section or request more details from our Rental Gear Consultant when you sign up.

How will I know when an item is reserved?

If you use our commission model, we will automatically send you reservations via email when the item(s) is reserved on Ayoopa.

Does Ayoopa provide the customer information on a reservation?

Absolutely! We seek to be transparent in our marketplace, therefore the customer information we get will be the same information you receive.

What if a customer cancels their reservation?

Ayoopa will follow your cancellation process as closely as possible. Please let our Gear Rental Consultant know about any special cancellation processes you have when you sign up.