WHo we are

We are a group of people that love adventure. But, we realized soon enough that we were breaking the bank with all these trips. We racked our minds to figure out a solution and an alternative to buying travel and outdoor gear. Because, really, why should making memories have to cost so much? **insert drumroll** And so... Ayoopa was born

What does Ayoopa mean? It means rental in the Martian language. We don't just scour the internet, we search the entire universe to find the higest quality gear rentals for the best value, tailored to you adventure

the perfect fit

We're a marketplace. We do the dirty work of gathering all of the options together in one location, saving you time and energy. If you want some gear for a short camping trip and what to see what's available to you, we provide you with the choices to get you feeling good anout your wallet


We want people to try new things by relieving the barrier of costs. We want people to get up and off their couches and from behind their computers, to go out and make awesome memories by trying new things. Trips and adventures should't be a cost burden. We believe that everyone should get a chance to see the world without being held back financially. Carpe Diem. So what are you waiting for?

So how in the universe Does this work?

Quite easy by the way. We took the pain out of calling rental companies
or using antiquated reservation processes.